Besides Alethea's professional work, Alethea uses her extraordinary talents to drive her passion and desire to help underprivileged children worldwide. Using her amazing connections internationally, she has raised millions of dollars for many children's charities globally. Alethea currently works as a Global Ambassador for iAID - volunteering in disaster zones around the world.

SULAWESI, INDONESIA In late October, 2018 a horrific Tsunami hit Palu, Sulawesi. Buildings crumbled. Thousands of people died. Over 5,000 people were missing. Several days later a massive earthquake hit around the city. Houses and buildings fell down. After the earthquakes came many unexpected hair-raising landslides and then finally as if that wasn’t enough, the people of Palu had a liquefaction. People watched as an entire village was sucked up into the ground. Not many foreign aid was allowed into Palu.

iAID / SmartAID successfully sent a team lead by Alethea Gold into Palu to deliver over 5,000 SOLAR POWERED LANTERNS and WATER PURIFIERS.

Teamed up with 2 local NGO’s YUM and SELPI WONGKOMO’s NGO reaching villages in remote hillsides that no one else had reached. They carried their lights and water purifiers on the back of many motor bikes that travelled 7 kilometres straight up a mountain, and got them to the most remote villages where there was no light and no electricity.

ZIV HOSPITAL, SYRIA Alethea travelled with iAID to the spiritual and mystical town of Tzvat in Northern Israel, where they met with the head of Ziv hospital, Dr. Salmon Zarka. This incredible Arab Druze man was a Colonel in the army who retired for one day before he took over Ziv Medical Centre.  In recent years, Ziv Hospital has provided humanitarian treatment to over 5,000 Syrian refugees.

Every night in Syria, men, women and children have been walking in the dark to the border of Israel.  Near the Golan Heights they are met by Israeli's who take them to a local field hospital to receive basic medical treatment, food and clothes.  If emergency treatment is needed an ambulance or helicopter takes them to Ziv Medical Centre.

Ziv consists of Jewish, Druze, Muslim and Christian medics, staff and volunteers working side by side, as they treat patients of all religions and backgrounds. Patients aren't asked if they’re fighters, refugees, why or how they became injured.  The atmosphere in the hospital feels like one big family.

One of the many stories was of an 8 year old Syrian girl. A victim of Asaad’s regime, she had already lost one leg and the other was barely hanging on. The head orthopaedic surgeon Professor Alexander Lerner did everything in his power not to amputate her second leg. Using the Alizarov unique technique that brings bones back together, months later this girl walked out of the hospital and across the border back to Syria with one prosthetic and one real leg. 

Alethea asked the Professor if an Israeli and a Syrian came in for emergency surgery who would go into the theatre first.  His answer was very clear… whoever needs it first gets it first. Israel and Syria are at war, however not at Ziv Hospital. This is what real humanity is all about. 

LIGHTS TO IRAQ YAZIDI’S Working with the iAid team Alethea completed a mission to send solar powered lanterns to Yazidi’s in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. There are currently thousands of Yazidi people on top of Sinjar mountain living with little to no electricity. These people escaped ISIS after horrific genocide, leaving behind family members who remain captured. The stories are beyond belief.

Alethea convinced and coordinated DHL to fly 3,500 solar powered lanterns from China into Erbil airport, Iraq and then drive them on to Dohuk. The lanterns were handed over to “Lifting Hands” and sent up the mountain into an Iraqi army blockade which allowed no foreigners through. Alethea’s local saviour Baderkhan (Badi) from YES (Yazidi’s Emergency Support) and his friend Khairi stepped in to take over 🙏🏻. Being Iraqi Yazidi’s, their trucks made it through the blockage, and delivered the lanterns safely to those who need them.

LIGHTS TO PUERTO RICO To aid the Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis after hurricane Maria, Alethea coordinated DHL to deliver 5,000 solar puff powered lanterns to suffering people living in horrible conditions with no electricity or water.

IsraAID IN LESVOS  In March 2016, Alethea Gold left Australia bound for the beautiful Greek island of Lesvos to help an Israeli-based emergency relief organisation, known as IsraAID.  In Lesvos, the IsraAID team were totally focused on rescuing and saving Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani lives.  “The people who arrived on a daily basis were completely traumatised. They arrived with nothing, many having had their money and possessions stolen by people smugglers who brought them over.” Alethea worked long hours with little sleep alongside the IsraAID team physically helping refugees off the boats, providing immediate medical treatment, foil sheeting to warm them, food, water and a full change of dry clothes, as well as making sandwiches, and feeding everyone. In addition to this, they provide much-needed emotional support. 

“Alethea said some of the children arrive on the island drenched with water up to their necks. I managed to save a little girl by treating her for hyperthermia immediately, but just metres away a little baby died tragically soon after being taken off the boat.  Meeting and helping people who are fleeing for their lives from ISIS and the Taliban, changed my life forever!”

PETRA REFUGEE CAMP, GREECE Alethea worked with IsraAID helping Yazidi’s in PETRA Camp in Northern Greece near Thessaloniki close to the Macedonian border, stepping in for a team leader for many days due to their own personal breakdown.

The Yazidi’s in this camp told horror stories of their escape from ISIS. Walking 100 kilometres at night from Syria to Turkey, where a people smuggler gave them a motor boat only to run out of fuel after 30 min. Their one hour journey to Lesvos became nine hours with one ore. They were grateful to have escaped and shed tears of past horrific moments such a daily gang rapes by ISIS followers. Some needed medical treatment. Alethea coordinated for a heart doctor to attend the camp which ended up saving one woman’s life.

BERLIN REFUGEES Alethea spent time with refugees in Berlin doing music and art therapy. As part of the art/music therapy program Alethea arranged for a group of refugee’s to attend STING’S pre-concert sound check. One Iraqi woman endured the journey to German safety alone with her two children through harsh territory in Iraq, then Syria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary until at last she made it into Germany. Two months travelling through the freezing cold winter with her two small children was worth everything for her to escape her husband who had sold her to ISIS.

STING was incredibly inspiring for the group. He gave his time and a lot of positive attention.

CHARITY FASHION PARADES Many international celebrities have supported Alethea in her efforts to raise funds for numerous children’s charities, often allowing their children to model for her in live fashion shows. 

JAPAN’S 2011 TSUNAMI Along with Ambassadors - George Gregan, Bryan Brown, Sam Neil, Akira Isogawa, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel and Deborah Hutton, Alethea hosted a fund raising event for children who were orphaned by Japan's devastating Tsunami. They raised more than anticipated - enough to help 5 orphanages in the affected area’s.

BANDA ACEH 2004 TSUNAMI Together with friends Dion Antony and Paul Wilson, and with the generous support of Qantas, and numerous other sponsors, Alethea organised over a million dollars worth of essential supplies and clothes for the Tsunami victims in the devastated region of Banda Aceh.

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM Alethea co-coordinated an Australia Day fashion parade for 2000 people, to raise money to open the Lotus School in Ho Chi Minh City, where 300 children would be able to attend for free.

THE MOTHER OF ALL BALLS Committee work on a major charity event every year.  For over a decade Alethea has helped raise millions of dollars to support the YWCAs Big Brother, Big Sister mentoring programme and for safe houses and shelters for mothers who need help and protection.

REDDAM HOUSE RESURGENCE PARADE raised $40,000 to rebuild a school in the Hambantota Region of Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami.

THE LIGHTHOUSE FOUNDATION Celebrity Fashion Parade in Melbourne supported teenagers, impacted by drug use and underprivileged backgrounds.

BALINESE ORPHANAGE Alethea has delivered thousands of items over the years for the children

NEVE SHALOM a village in Israel where Arab and Jews live together in harmony - helped raise funds for the children.

VICTOR CHANG HEART FOUNDATION A Melbourne Cup Day fashion parade with three million dollars of Jewellery modelled on the catwalk by a celebrity.

SYDNEY STREET KIDS Using her fashion connections, Alethea spent years arranging for clothing to be sent to teenagers living in safe houses and rehab centres across sydney.

BURMA  Alethea supplied Professor Bruce Conolly with suitcases of children’s toys to take on his annual trips to Burma to treat people in villages. 

BOOKS Alethea produced 3 x beautiful photographic books, CHILDREN OF CHINA, CHILDREN OF AFRICA, CHILDREN IN ISRAEL.

DOCUMENTARY Alethea produced and directed the documentary UNSUNG HEROES which launched as a charity event at the Cockatoo Island Film Festival. All proceeds from that night were donated to Cynthia Tobias - one of the unsung heroes in the documentary - providing her enough money to take care of herself and her 28 kids for 8 years.

Lunch in Petra Camp for Yazidi Refugees, Thessaloniki, Greece

Lunch in Petra Camp for Yazidi Refugees, Thessaloniki, Greece

Sting Concert Berlin, Germany. Alethea arranged and escorted 10 refugees from a camp in Berlin to meet and see Sting perform.

Sting Concert Berlin, Germany. Alethea arranged and escorted 10 refugees from a camp in Berlin to meet and see Sting perform.